Fort Bliss – Army Post in El Paso Texas

Fort Bliss. Home of the Brave.

First of all thanks to those men and women that take on military jobs to protect our nation. Every month many new soldiers get stationed in El Paso. Most have never been here and sometimes have a hard time finding even some of the most basic places outside of the base. This website is designed to provide all the necessary information on businesses, things to do, and other things that a new person in El Paso would like or need to know.

 Fort Bliss information

Fort Bliss is one of the biggest Army bases. This military base has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Much more growth lurks in the horizon for Fort Bliss. Housing near Fort Bliss is rapidly growing and the economy is benifiting from all the influx of money by the military efforts.

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On this website you will be able to find everything from apartments near Fort Bliss to homes for sale near Fort Bliss and everything in between.

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